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NITRD Apps and Tools

The NITRD Dashboard provides a graphical interface for displaying NITRD budget data charts with drill-downs to Program Component Areas by year and agency.

The data sources driving the NITRD Dashboard are the Agency NITRD Budget Cross Cuts as reported in the NITRD Supplement to the President’s Budget. All data sources are available for download at

Wireless Spectrum Research & Development Senior Steering Group’s Testbed Information Portal.

Designed for the purposes of information exchange, it is our hope that this will prove useful for government, academic, and industry researchers in need of spectrum testing facilities.

We invite you to contribute information on testing facilities that are not currently listed, and that are available for use. Please contact for more information.

2010 Federal STEM Education Inventory Portal 2010 Federal STEM Education Inventory Portal

In an effort to advance the impact of the The Federal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Portfolio produced by the NSTC, the NCO has setup a STEM Inventory Portal. This portal, empowered by the Federal STEM education inventory dataset, will hopefully prove useful for government, academic, and industry researchers as a tool to look at existing Federal agency's STEM programs, initiatives, investments and more.

The Federal STEM education inventory dataset can be downloaded directly from the website: