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FY 1999 Blue Book: Computing, Information, and Communications: Networked Computing for the 21st Century

Publication Type: Supplements to the President's Budget

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Pages: 136

About: U.S. research and development (R&D) in computing, communications, and information technologies has enabled unprecedented scientific and engineering advances, transforming workplace products and processes, and benefiting society and individuals. Today's benefits are the result of investments made decades ago; the seeds of the Internet, for example, were planted in the 1960s. Continued investments will result in further dramatic advances, some of which may be as unpredictable and compelling as the World Wide Web. These investments include the development of increasingly powerful high performance computing systems, global-scale networking technologies with advanced capabilities, advances in software development technologies and applications software, improved reliability and safety, advances in managing and accessing vast distributed knowledge repositories, and human interface technologies that let people work — and work together — more effectively...

Key Words: advanced; agency; applications; center; communications; computing; data; development; education; include; information; model; national; network; performance; program; provide; research; science; support; systems; technology; university

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