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FY 1993 Blue Book: Grand Challenges 1993: High Performance Computing and Communications

Publication Category: Supplements to the President's Budget

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Pages: 80

About: High performance computing and computer communications networks are becoming increasingly important to scientific advancement, economic competition, and national security. The technology is reaching the point of having a transforming effect on our society, industries, and education institutions. The goal of the Federal High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) Programs is to accelerate significantly the commercial availability and utilization of the next generation of high performance computers and networks in a manner consistent with the Strategic and Integrating Priorities. The HPCC Program is the result of several years of effort on the part of senior government, industry, and academic scientists and managers to design a research agenda to extend U.S. leadership in high performance computing and networking technologies. The program is planned, funded, and managed with close cooperation among Federal agencies and laboratories, private industry, and academe to ensure that the fruits of this research program are brought into the educational and commercial marketplaces as rapidly as possible..

Key Words: activities; advanced; agency; algorithms; applications; areas; basic; capability; centers; challenge; communications; component; computing; coordinate; design; development; education; engineering; evaluation; federal; figure; grand; HPCC; images; including; increase; industry; information; models; national; network; NREN; parallel; performance; problems; processes; program; provide; required; research; resources; science; scientific; simulation; software; structure; support; systems; technology; tools

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