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New Visions for Large Scale Networks: Research and Applications

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About: This paper documents the findings of the March 12-14, 2001 Workshop on New Visions for Large-Scale Networks: Research and Applications. The workshop’s objectives were to develop a vision for the future of networking (10 to 20 years out) and to identify needed Federal networking research to enable that vision. The meeting was sponsored by the Large Scale Networking Coordinating Group (LSN CG) of the Interagency Working Group in Information Technology Research and Development (IWG/IT R&D). The IWG, which functions under the White House National Science and Technology Council, coordinates Federal multiagency IT R&D efforts. The LSN CG agencies are DARPA, DOE, NASA, NIH, NIST, and NSF. The Network Research Team (NRT) of the LSN CG coordinated the workshop. It was attended by more than 160 leading networking researchers from universities, industry, government, and laboratories...

Key Words: applications; capabilities; collaboration; data; developed; including; information; management; measurement; needed; network; operating; performance; provide; requirements; research; resources; scenario; security; sensors; services; support; system; technologies

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