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Report on Implementing the Federal Cybersecurity Research and Development Strategy

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About: In December 2011 the NSTC released Trustworthy Cyberspace: Strategic Plan for the Federal Cybersecurity Research and Development Program, outlining a vision for the research needed to develop game-changing technologies to neutralize attacks on the cyber systems of today, and to establish scientific foundations to meet the challenges of securing the cyber systems of tomorrow. The Strategic Plan surfaced intersections of common interest and mutual benefit in cybersecurity research; outlined specific research and development areas that span multiple disciplines; and emphasized collaboration among researchers and technical experts in government, industry, academia, and international contexts. Since the release of the Strategic Plan, Federal agencies have responded vigorously by adapting their existing cybersecurity R&D programs and initiating new activities that align with the Plan’s strategic priorities. This report summarizes the broad Federal response, highlighting the specific research activities that agencies are supporting. This report finds that, since the release of the Strategic Plan, agencies have coordinated successfully to minimize duplication among R&D efforts and made excellent progress in creating and leveraging partnerships with other agencies and external parties on key research areas. Agencies have also put proper focus on transitioning research to practice and maximizing the impact of their R&D investments...

Key Words: activities; agencies; areas; computer; cyber; cybersecurity; development; Federal; information; national; network; operations; plan; privacy; program; research; science; security; software; strategic; support; systems; technologies; trust; trustworthy

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