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NITRD LSN Workshop Report on Complex Engineered Networks

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About: Complex engineered networks are everywhere: power grids, Internet, transportation networks, and more. They are being used more than ever before, and yet our understanding of them remains limited. These networks have evolved into complex systems with behaviors and characteristics that are beyond the characterizations and predictions possible by the traditional modeling, analysis and design approaches. This workshop brought together experts from academia, national laboratories, government, and industry to assess the recent trends, state-of-the-art research, and impending challenges in modeling, predicting, and controlling the behaviors of these complex engineered networks. To gather strong motivating examples, one needs to look no further than recent headline news, ranging from the significant power outages following Hurricane Sandy and the multi-day service outage of Amazon clouds, to the mysterious under-performance of mobile services and the lack of holistic privacy protection on the web. Motivated by these critical needs in this scientific community, this workshop is oriented around the following three "umbrella terms" of the charge statement: 1. What are the "big questions" in complex engineered networks research? 2. What are the grand challenges in "methods" for analysis, design, deployment, and operation of these networks? 3. What are the mechanisms to"ensure the highest impact" of federal research support?

Key Words: architecture; challenges; communication; complex; control; data; design; engineered; example; including; internet; management; models; networks; operation; optimization; performance; power; research; robustness; systems; theory; understanding; wireless; workshop

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