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Toward Innovative Spectrum Sharing Technologies: A Technical Workshop On Coordinating Federal Government/Private Sector R&D Investment

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About: In June, 2010, the President issued a memorandum, Unleashing the Wireless Broadband Revolution, which identified the importance of providing adequate spectrum "to support the forthcoming myriad of wireless devices, networks, and applications that can drive the new economy." To help "wring abundance from scarcity," the memorandum called upon the Secretary of Commerce to "create and implement a plan to facilitate research, development, experimentation, and testing by researchers to explore innovative spectrum-sharing technologies." In response to this charge, the National Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) program created the Wireless Spectrum R&D Senior Steering Group (WSRD SSG), which brings together representatives of all of the federal agencies that conduct or support spectrum-related research. Upon its formation in November, 2010, and at the urging of the U.S. Chief Technology Officer, the WSRD group quickly recognized the importance of reaching out to private industry and academia as an avenue of coordinating national wireless R&D investments...

Key Words: communications; development; engineering; federal; government; including; industry; information; national; networking; participants; private; radio; research; science; service; sharing; spectrum; systems; technical; technology; University; wireless; work; workshop

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