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Federal Government and Private Sector Collaboration on Research Development, Experimentation, and Testing of Innovative Spectrum Sharing Technologies

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About: On January 17th_18th, 2012, the WSRD SSG hosted a second workshop at the Berkeley Wireless Research Center in Berkeley, California, to further explore the options and challenges in establishing a national testing facility. The workshop provided an opportunity for technical experts and interested stakeholders from industry, government, and academia to collaboratively discuss the needs and requirements for a national-level spectrum research, development, experimentation, and demonstration environment. A preliminary inventory of existing test facilities was presented and representatives were available to answer questions regarding their facility and contribute to the discussion. The workshop considered spectrum sharing testing scenarios in a variety of sectors, such as public safety, military mobile command and control, Doppler weather radar, and maritime air traffic control, with a goal of identifying "high-risk high-reward" research and development opportunities that could benefit from a national level experimentation and demonstration capability.

Key Words: development; environment; existing; facilities; identified; include; incumbent; information; interference; national; needed; provide; requirements; research; scenarios; sharing; spectrum; standards; support; systems; technology; testing; used; wireless; workshop

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