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Promoting Economic Efficiency in Spectrum Use: the economic and policy research agenda

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About: Commercial demand for additional spectrum resources cannot be met by new allocations of spectrum. Technical innovations and the elimination of regulatory and market barriers can help expand the usable capacity of spectrum. However, as long as there are contending demands for usage rights, spectrum will remain a scarce economic resource. Efficient spectrum sharing will depend on using the right approach based on the given circumstances. It will require the commercialization of new wireless technologies as well as new and robust policy frameworks and business models. The goal of this workshop was to help set the agenda for the necessary economic and policy research needed to advance the national interest in the best ways to share spectrum.

Key Words: access; better; commercial; costs; data; economic; efficient; include; management; market; models; needed; policy; radio; research; sharing; spectrum; system; technologies; usage; users; uses; wireless; WSRD

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