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Federal-Commercial Spectrum Sharing Workshop: Models, Applications, and Impacts of Incentives for Sharing

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About: The goal of Workshop VII was to identify opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed in order to incentivize spectrum sharing. Increased bi-directional spectrum sharing between non-Federal (including commercial) and Federal users will expand access to spectrum resources and will enhance the robustness, flexibility, and efficiency for both Federal and non-Federal users. However, incentivizing bi-directional spectrum sharing presents significant challenges that will require innovations in technology, business and administrative practices, and policy. The Wireless Spectrum R&D Senior Steering Group (WSRD SSG) has conducted a series of workshops focused on understanding the fundamental issues involved in Federal and non-Federal spectrum sharing. WSRD VII, the seventh workshop in this series, was held at Stevens Institute of Technology on March 19, 2015, and focused on identifying incentives to encourage and improve bi-directional spectrum sharing. The one-day workshop provided an opportunity for a diverse group of experts from industry, government, and academia to inform and share ideas about research and practical strategies. It was organized around two sets of breakout sessions: the morning focused on understanding the opportunities and constraints that shape stakeholder incentives; the afternoon was devoted to building on these discussions to identify incentive strategies. Participants were first asked to consider three basic sharing scenarios where the incumbent was either Federal or commercial, and the spectrum was licensed or unlicensed. Once the various frameworks for spectrum sharing were established, the afternoon strategy sessions focused on three different categories of incentives: market; administrative and budgetary; and technical and enforcement...

Key Words: access; administrative; challenge; commercial; costs; federal; incentives; including; increased; incumbent; market; models; needs; Non-Federal; opportunities; policy; requirements; scenarios; sharing; spectrum; strategy; technology; unlicensed; users; workshop

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