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Computational Science And Engineering Software Sustainability And Productivity (CSESSP) Challenges Workshop Report

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About: This report details the challenges and opportunities discussed at the NITRD sponsored multi-agency workshop on Computational Science and Engineering Software Productivity and Sustainability (CSESSP) Challenges, held in Washington, D.C. USA on October 15-16, 2015. The workshop brought together 85 attendees from all branches of the U.S. federal government, industry, academia, and U.S. and international research laboratories to discuss growing concerns over the sustainability of our Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) software foundation, and the productivity of scientists and engineers who develop and use this software. Discussions focused on characterization of the challenges, and opportunities for improved productivity and sustainability going forward. This report comprises workshop and subsequent discussions including a summary of key opportunities for the CSE community going forward.

Key Words: challenges; code; community; computational; design; development; engineering; improve; industry; models; needs; process; productivity; provide; research; science; scientific; software; sustainability; tools; understanding; work

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