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DoD budget includes funding for OSD, NSA, and the DoD Service research organizations. DoD Service research organizations include: Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), including the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR); Army Research Laboratory (ARL), including the Army Research Office (ARO); Naval Research Laboratory (NRL); and Office of Naval Research (ONR). The Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center (CERDEC), Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN), and High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) are under Army. Although DARPA, NSA, and OSD research organizations are under DoD, they are independent of the research organizations of the DoD Services (Air Force, Army, and Navy).

Comparison of 2014 estimate ($802.8 million) and 2015 request ($704.2 million): The $98.6 million decrease is primarily due to a decrease of $23.7 million in CSIA, $23.4 million in HCSS, $48.9 million in HEC R&D, and $17.8 million in LSN, with smaller decreases in other PCAs, partially offset by an increase of $30.0 million in HCI&IM.

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NSA NITRD Subcommittee Representatives and Alternates

Christopher D. Green
Deputy Director, Research Directorate
National Security Agency
9800 Savage Road, Suite 6846
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755
Phone: (443) 634-4440

Candace S. Culhane
Computer Systems Researcher
National Security Agency
9800 Savage Road, Suite 6107
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-6107
Phone: (301) 688-0312
Fax: (301) 688-0330


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