The NITRD Dashboard

This dashboard enables you to visualize investments reported in the federal Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) Program. This will help interested individuals analyze funding trends and identify agencies with investments in technical areas of interest.

NITRD Program Component Areas (PCAs)

NITRD budgets are reported in a set of Program Component Areas (PCAs), where the PCAs are major subject areas for federal IT R&D. PCAs are intended to facilitate budgetary comparisons from year to year in each area. However, the PCA set does evolve over time, reflecting changes in IT R&D activities at federal agencies and IT R&D priorities of the Administration. Data and charts presented by this dashboard reflect that PCA evolution. See the NITRD PCA Page for details on PCA changes over time.

NITRD Budget Data Visualization

Data Sources

The data sources driving the NITRD Dashboard are the Agency NITRD Budget Cross Cuts (.csv) as reported in the NITRD Supplement to the President’s Budget.

Page updated: August 21, 2018