Over the last decade, broadband connectivity (or high‐speed Internet) has evolved into a critical enabler for myriad applications now integral to the personal and professional lives of Americans. Broadband has become vital to almost every segment of the Nation’s economic and social fabric 1.



The Broadband R&D (BRD) Team was formed in 2017 to help the Nation tackle the research challenges and opportunities for improving broadband access and adoption. Guided by The National Broadband Research Agenda: Key Priorities For Broadband Research And Data (NBRA), the BRD Team coordinates Federal agency broadband R&D and works to identify promising areas of research, requirements for data collection and sharing, opportunities for better alignment and coordination across Federal and external stakeholders, and Federal actions that could enhance this vital area of research. The BRD Team reports to the Large Scale Networking Interagency Working Group.

Strategic Priorities

  • Coordinate data collection efforts and findings with agencies and appropriate external stakeholders.
  • Gather information on next generation networks through the activities of the NBRA.

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Ann Von Lehmen (Interim), Program Director, CISE, Computer and Network Systems (CNS) Division, National Science Foundation
Sara Kiesler (Interim), Program Director, SBE, Social and Economic Sciences, National Science Foundation

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1. [Council of Economic Advisers. 2016. Issue Brief: The Digital Divide and Economic Benefits of Broadband Access]