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Computational Science & Engineering Software Sustainability and Productivity (CSESSP) Challenges

Workshop Report

Computational Science & Engineering Software Sustainability and Productivity Challenges Workshop Report

Published: 2016-09-16

Computational Science & Engineering Software Sustainability and Productivity Challenges Workshop Report

"This report details the challenges and opportunities discussed at the NITRD sponsored multi-agency workshop on Computational Science and Engineering Software Productivity and Sustainability (CSESSP) Challenges, held in Washington, D.C. USA on October 15-16, 2015. The workshop brought together 85 attendees from all branches of the U.S. federal government, industry, academia, and U.S. and international research laboratories to discuss growing concerns over the sustainability of our Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) software foundation, and the productivity of scientists and engineers who develop and use this software. Discussions focused on characterization of the challenges, and opportunities for improved productivity and sustainability going forward. This report comprises workshop and subsequent discussions including a summary of key opportunities for the CSE community going forward..." read more


An inter-agency workshop (held on October 15th-16th, 2015) sponsored by the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) / Software Design and Productivity (SDP) Coordinating Group (CG).

Call for Participation(Deadline Has Passed)

Software has emerged as a critical technology in all sectors including defense, health systems, banking, transportation, energy, science and engineering, and manufacturing. However, software lifecycle cost is increasingly becoming the dominant fraction of the total information technology investment. Additionally, software activities have been a major factor in large-scale project delays, failures, cost overruns, and productivity bottlenecks. There is a general consensus that current approaches produce software that is difficult to maintain, upgrade, and scale, especially in the face of rapidly changing machine architecture and new system requirements.

The CSESSP Challenges workshop will identify the unique issues around software productivity and sustainability faced by the NITRD computational science and engineering (CSE) communities, bringing together experts from academia, industry, government, and national laboratories. The workshop will focus on general issues and challenges of software systems sustainability and productivity with the aim of making software a first-class issue in the specification, design, cost and lifecycles management of science and engineering infrastructures. In this context, the workshop will discuss technical issues that impact software sustainability, such as software requirements engineering, high-productivity software engineering, reproducibility, software maintenance processes, and scalable, reusable, and portable software system architectures, to name a few.

We invite short (1 or 2 page) papers from computational science software developers, software system engineers, computer system engineers and architects, software managers, experts in related scientific software fields and government agency representatives. In the context of improving CSE software sustainability and productivity, these papers should identify and describe challenges, new approaches and strategies, best practices or experiences in related fields, and non-technical issues such as science policies and economic factors. These papers will be used by the program committee to structure the workshop, provide background material, and contribute to selecting attendees.

Areas of interest for the CSESSP Challenges Workshop include but are not limited to the following:


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