Collaborations in Internet Security (CIS)

In recognition of the need for heightened security awareness and securitycapabilities on the Internet, the Federal Networking Council's (FNC) Privacy& Security Working Group (PSWG) has been awarded a National PerformanceReview (NPR) Innovation Fund grant to compare and validate agency approachesto security, and to test the strength of these technologies beyond closedagency networking environments toward both a more global inter-agency andagency/commercial sector environment.

With the Federal government's ever-increasing dependency on computersand distributed systems, there is great urgency for it to develop and employenhanced information system security technologies and practices. At thesame time, these Federal technologies must interoperate with those of thebroader Internet community (encompassing the private and academic sectors,along with the Federal sector). CIS effort is designed to answer this need.The success of this effort will result in the development of a new andsustainable process for developing, integrating, and deploying securitytechnology that is interoperable at all levels of the Federal Governmentand within the commercial and academic sectors. This effort directly addressesthe actions and initiatives identified in the FederalInternet Security Plan (FISP).

Organizations interested in participating in this collaborative effort should contact the FNC Executive Director at: