Big Data IWG: Workshop on an Open Knowledge Network: Enabling the Community to Build the Network

August 24, 2017

Starting in July 2016, the Big Data Interagency Working Group (BD IWG) leadership has been involved in two meetings to discuss the viability, and possible first steps to creating a joint public/private open data network infrastructure, the Open Knowledge Network (OKN). The vision of OKN is to create an open knowledge graph of all known entities and their relationships, ranging from the macro (have there been unusual clusters of earthquakes in the US in the past six months?) to the micro (what is the best combination of chemotherapeutic drugs for a 56 y/o female with stage 3 glioblastoma and an FLT3 mutation but no symptoms of AML?). OKN is meant to be an inclusive, open, community activity resulting in a knowledge infrastructure that could facilitate and empower a host of applications and open new research avenues including how to create trustworthy knowledge networks/graphs.

A third workshop is planned for October 4-5 at NIH. This workshop will examine what OKN related projects the Federal Agencies are already involved in, how those projects can collaborate with private sector efforts, and what the next steps need to be. The workshop will focus on particular domains, and discuss how to enable an open contributing community. The meeting is by invitation only, but the plenary sessions will be available via webcast.

For more information, please refer to the OKN White Paper, and the OKN Next Steps documents that were produced as a result of the first two meetings

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