National Women's History Month: Women of the NITRD National Coordination Office

March 25, 2019

As National Women's History Month enters its final week, the National Coordination Office (NCO) acknowledges the women of the Perspecta Team whose talent, expertise, and dedication make the success of the Networking and Information R&D (NITRD) program possible. Whether it is facilitating meetings, preparing reports, writing documents, or coordinating with our Federal Agency members or the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, this group of women exemplify the core values that make the NCO a catalyst for the NITRD community.

The Women of the NITRD NCO with current NCO Director, Kamie Roberts. From left to right: Joyce Lee, Technical Coordinator; Nekeia Butler, Executive Secretary; Diane Theiss, Financial Analyst and Deputy Chief of Staff; Virginia Moore, Chief of Staff and Contract Program Manager; Kamie Roberts, Director; Ji Hyun Lee, Technical Coordinator; Pat Johnson, Senior Technical Writer and Editor; and Wendy Wigen, Technical Writer and Consultant. Not pictured is Jacqueline Altamirano, Executive Assistant and Coordinator.

The collective experience of this group of women spans the last 19 years and 10 NCO Directors. They support the NITRD Program by providing technical expertise, planning and coordination, and by serving as the Program's central point of contact. Their mission is to foster collaboration, exchange of information, and outreach that provides the knowledge, methods, R&D, technology transfer, and innovation for U.S. global leadership in networking and information technology and its applications.

The NCO supports the NITRD Subcommittee, which coordinates the NITRD Program, and the Interagency Working Groups (IWGs) that report to the Subcommittee.

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