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Data Sharing and Metadata Curation: Obstacles and Strategies

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Data Sharing and Metadata Curation: Obstacles and Strategies:

Future strategies for managing scientific data and metadata for basic and applied research

May 29, 2013
National Science Foundation

Arlington, VA


The purpose of this workshop was to have focused discussions on future strategies for managing scientific data and metadata for basic and applied research; specifically,

Participant List


  • Bell, Randy, DOE/NNSA
  • Berman, Fran, RPI/RDA
  • Brady, Mary, NIST
  • Campbell, Carelyn, NIST/MML
  • Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Joel, U. of Illinois
  • de Groot-Lief, Christina, NOAA
  • Eigen, Ana, DOT
  • Gupta, Amarnath, UC San Diego
  • Habermann, Ted, The HDF Group
  • Hagan, Don, CENDI/NTIS
  • Hamilton, Carol, RTI
  • Klimeck, Gerhard, Purdue
  • Kolker, Eugene, SCRI
  • Koskela, Rebecca, DataONE
  • Kuznetsova, Maria, NASA
  • Larkin, Jennie, NIH
  • Lewis, Suzanna, Berkeley BOP
  • Maddox, Marlo, NASA
  • Martone, Maryann, UC San Diego
  • McDermott, Michael, USGS
  • Moore, Reagan, RENCI
  • Musen, Mark, Stanford
  • Rindflesch, Tom, NIH/NLM
  • Scott, John Henry, NIST
  • Shoshani, Arie, LBL
  • Smith, Barry, NCOR
  • Szalay, Alex, JHU
  • Tilmes, Curt, NASA/USGCRP
  • Vieglais, Dave, U. of Kansas / DataONE
  • Viereck, Rodney, NOAA
  • Ward, Charles, AFRL
  • Warren, Jim, NIST/MML
  • Whitton, Mary, RENCI
  • Wilbanks, John, NCO/NITRD

Planning Committee Members

  • Allen Dearry, NIH
  • Biven, Laura, DOE/SC
  • Bristol, Sky, USGS
  • Chadduck, Bob, NSF
  • Grumbling, Emily, NSF
  • Hall, Alan, NOAA
  • Lee, Tsengdar, NASA
  • Lyster, Peter, NIH
  • Pantula, Sastry, NSF
  • Petters, Jonathan, DOE/SC
  • Preuss, Don, NIH
  • Statler, Tom, NSF
  • Suskin, Mark, NSF

Metadata Questions to Consider

  1. What metadata, and what kinds of metadata management, are needed to enable re-use of data, both across domains and across silos within domains?
  2. How can we incentivize researchers and providers to curate their data, organize it with useful metadata, and make it publicly available?
  3. Maximum impact of data occurs when analytics make use of all available relevant data; how can analytics developers be challenged to make this standard practice?
  4. What are the data ownership and personal identifiable information issues (obstacles/solutions) that can be addressed in this context?
  5. What are the top two data/metadata problems you would like to solve?


Welcome and Introduction

Mark Suskin, NSF

Practitioners’ Perspectives

Moderated by Robert Chadduck, NSF

Open Discussion - Practitioners’ Perspectives

Moderated by Robert Chadduck

Trans-disciplinary Community Perspectives

Moderated by Alan Hall, NOAA, and Jon Petters, AAAS Fellow at DOE

Open Discussion - Community Perspectives

Alan Hall and Jon Petters

Open Discussion: Barriers and Opportunities

Moderated by Peter Lyster, NIH, and Mark Suskin


Summary and Wrap-up - Tom Statler, NSF