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SmartCities CaseExample Bannan

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A Smart City Case Example:

Toward an Integrative Learning Design Framework for Research, Design and Analysis

Dr. Brenda Bannan

About the Speaker

Dr. Brenda Bannan
Brenda Bannan
Division of Learning Technologies
College of Education and Human Development
George Mason University

Brenda Bannan is an Associate Professor in the Instructional Technology/Learning Technologies Design Research programs at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Her research interests primarily revolve around the articulation of integrated design and research processes in learning technology/UX design and development. She is the author of numerous articles and book chapters on the emerging method of design research in education related to areas such as mobile learning, augmented reality, inquiry-based instruction, language learning and cognition, motivation and special education. Dr. Bannan has been invited as a keynote speaker for conferences in China, Canada, Peru and the U.S and serves on the international program committee of the Association for Learning Technologies (ALT) in the United Kingdom. She also serves on review and editorial boards of various academic journals such as the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning, Educational Technology Review and Development, The Journal of the Learning Sciences and the British Journal of Educational Technology among others. Dr. Bannan’s honors include designations such as a National Science Foundation CAREER grant awardee, an invited member of the international research panel on design research at Bejiing Normal University and East China Normal University in Shanghai and an appointed visiting scholar at the Learning Sciences and Technology Design program and associated with Stanford University’s Design School. Dr. Bannan has supervised numerous learning technology design and development projects and has recently conceptualized and launched along with faculty colleagues an innovative Ph.D. program entitled Learning Technologies Design Research at GMU focusing on an R&D model for emerging technologies such as mobile learning, game-based design, as well as design process, design research and diffusion of innovations research.

Presentation overview


A Case Example for Smart Cities R&D

discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship for Smart Cities initiatives