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WSRD Workshop IV - Presentations

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When: April 23-24, 2013

Where: MIT; Cambridge, MA

Day 1: Tuesday, April 23

(Bill Lehr, MIT; Byron Barker, NTIA; Andy Clegg, NSF; John Chapin, DARPA)

Panel 1.1 Recent Experiences with Spectrum Sharing

Moderator: Byron Barker (NTIA)

Panel 1.2 Public Safety and New Spectrum Use Models

Moderator: Fred Frantz (Engility)

Panel 1.3 Impediments to Commercialization of Sharing

Moderator: John Chapin (DARPA)

Panel 1.4 Jumpstarting investment - Investor and Legal Perspectives

Moderator: Peter Tenhula (NTIA)

Day 2: Wednesday, April 24

John Leibovitz (FCC) Research a policymaker would like to see

Panel 2.1 Lightning Talks I

Moderator: Andrew Clegg (Moderator)

5-7 minute talks "here's valuable research that needs to be done "

Panel 2.2 Economics Research Challenges & Opportunities

Moderator: Tom Hazlett (George Mason)

Panel 2.3 Spectrum Management Reform

Moderator: Yochai Benkler (Harvard)

Panel 2.4 Lightning Talks II

Moderator: Andrew Clegg (Moderator)

Guest speakers