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    The NITRD technical coordination efforts are focused in its Interagency Working Groups (IWGs) where member- and participating-agency representatives exchange information and collaborate on research plans and activities such as testbeds, workshops, and cooperative solicitations.

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White House Big Data Partners Workshop

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    The Big Data Interagency Working Group (BD IWG) focuses on R&D to improve the management and analysis of large-scale data, the purpose of which is to develop the ability to extract knowledge and insight from large, diverse, and disparate sources of data, including mechanisms for data capture, curation, management, and access.

    Big Data

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White House Big Data Partners Workshop


As we enter the second year of the National Big Data Research and Development Initiative (launched on March 29, 2012), the Obama Administration is encouraging multiple stakeholders—including Federal agencies, private industry, academia, state and local government, non-profits, and foundations—to develop and participate in Big Data innovation projects across the country. To surface such partnerships and novel approaches that would allow partnerships to scale across the country, a series of workshops and events are being planned over the spring and summer 2013.

On May 3, 2013, the first workshop brought together representatives from industry, academia, and government to learn about existing BD partnerships, make connections with interested parties, and explore future possibilities. Below you will find presentations from the workshop participants and sponsors.

Event Materials

Agendas and Summaries

Introduction and Welcome Presentations

Tom Kalil - Deputy Director, Division of Technology and Innovation Office of Science and Technology Policy
Farnam Jahanian - Co-Chair, Networking & Information Technology Research & Development (NITRD) Subcommittee Assistant Director for
the Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate National Science Foundation
Suzanne Iacono - Co-Chair, Big Data Senior Steering Group, NITRD National Science Foundation

Panel Speaker Presentations

Jake Porway - Founder and Executive Director DataKind
Annika Jimenez - Global Head of Data Science Services Pivotal
Stanley Ahalt - Director, Renaissance Computing Institute University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lightning Round Presentations

Associated Events