NITRD goes Open

In response to President Obama's commitment to openness in Government and to the Open Government Directive, the National Coordination Office for Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NCO/NITRD) is making all of its NITRD budget data available to the public and our customers. This information comes from member Federal Agencies and is broken down over the following Program Component Areas (PCA) :

The NITRD Dashboard helps interested individuals better track funding trends and identify agencies with investments in technical areas of interest, which will enable entrepreneurs and grant seekers to better direct their efforts to engage the correct Federal agency.

NITRD Dashboard

The NITRD Dashboard provides a graphical interface for displaying NITRD budget data charts with drill-downs to Program Component Areas by year and agency:

Data Sources

The data sources driving the NITRD Dashboard are the Agency NITRD Budget Cross Cuts as reported in the NITRD Supplement to the President’s Budget.

Data sources are available under the following links:


Federal High End Computing (HEC) Information Portal

Wireless Spectrum Testbed Inventory

The NITRD Dashboard

The NITRD Dashboard

Federal STEM Education Inventory

Federal STEM Education Inventory