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NITRD Program Supplement to the President’s Budget – FY 2018

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The FY 2018 NITRD Supplement to the President’s Budget provides a summary of information technology (IT) research and development (R&D) activities planned by federal agencies and coordinated through NITRD in FY 2018, as required by law.

The NITRD Supplement begins with an annual budget table and analysis, partitioned by PCA and agency, to facilitate budgetary comparisons from year to year. The President’s FY 2018 budget request for the NITRD Program is $4.46 billion.

The main body of the Supplement is organized in a set of 10 NITRD Program Component Areas (PCAs), each presenting a technical area of Federal IT R&D. Each PCA section includes:

  • Definition of the research covered by the PCA
  • Description of how federal IT R&D in that PCA advances societal benefits
  • For each Interagency Working Group (IWG) reporting under that PCA, the supplement presents the strategic priorities, key programs, and coordination activities underlying the President’s budget request in that area.

In addition, the FY 2018 NITRD Supplement includes:

  • Additional interagency coordination activities under the NITRD Program that are not reported in the budget table
  • FY 2017-18 update of the Federal Cybersecurity R&D Strategic Plan Implementation Roadmap
  • FY 2016 accomplishments of the National Strategic Computing Initiative.