Software in the Era of Extreme Heterogeneity

September 22 – 24, 2020

Joint virtual workshop of High End Computing (HEC) and Software Productivity, Sustainability, and Quality (SPSQ) Interagency Working Groups





Software in the Era of Extreme Heterogeneity workshop will examine challenges imposed by extreme heterogeneity of emerging and future computational platforms and how software and community must evolve to respond to the challenges being placed on HEC software development and sustainment. This workshop aims to bring together experts from Federal agencies, academia, and the private sector to discuss these challenges, facilitate information sharing and collaboration, and identify research needs.
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The state of HEC technology is rapidly changing due to the need to introduce a variety of unfamiliar hardware solutions to increase performance. This increasing hardware heterogeneity is exacerbated by memory, interconnect and file I/O performance lagging behind computational capabilities leading to substantial demands on the programming environment to keep pace. The HEC community needs to be prepared for these emerging and future challenges to be able to respond to the changing needs and have continued progress.
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Reference Materials

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Planning Committee

  • Leslie Hart, NOAA
  • Frances Hill, DoD
  • Jake Fries, NITRD NCO
  • Walid Keyrouz, NIST
  • Jim Kirby, NRL
  • Ji Lee, NITRD NCO
  • Robinson Pino, DOE/SC
  • Sonia Sachs, DOE/SC
  • Barry Schneider, NIST
  • Alan Sussman, NSF

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External Advisors

  • Saman Amarasinghe, MIT
  • William Gropp, UIUC/NCSA
  • Kaylan Kumaran, ANL
  • Jeff Vetter, ORNL

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Workshop Report

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