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This revamped newsletter includes many interesting areas for you to explore:

  • Snippets: Well, they are exactly that, snippets (with links) to fascinating agency projects in networking and information technology.
  • Topic of the Day: This month we are examining wireless spectrum, 5G, and related technologies, but first we explain to our readers in the Topic of the Day section what exactly is 5G and importantly, how it will benefit the American public.
  • Agency Corner: For our first revised newsletter, we chose DARPA to highlight in our Agency Corner section because they have brought to fruition many of the technologies that we associate with our Topic of the Day, wireless spectrum and communications.
  • Innovation through NITRD: We also introduce our readers to NITRD’s Wireless Spectrum Research and Development Interagency Working Group who coordinates Federal agency wireless spectrum activities.
  • Event Highlights: We highlight here two workshops recently held on this important and timely topic.
  • NITRD Staff: Lastly and certainly not least, we acquaint our readers with three NITRD staff members and a recent intern. NITRD strongly supports STEM education and workforce development in the information technology fields and so we are proud to draw attention to their accomplishments at NITRD.

We invite you to take a look at this newly revised newsletter to see the transformative innovations that have found an important place in the American life and challenge you to Discover NITRD Innovations for You!