NITRD Interagency Working Groups (IWGs) advance cross-agency coordination and collaboration for topic areas of common interest within the scope of networking and information management R&D. IWGs are created, reorganized, or sunset at the request of the NITRD Subcommittee and are based on requests from either NITRD member agencies or the Administration. Teams are occasionally created under the auspices of an IWG to focus on a specific topic or purpose.


NITRD accomplishes its technical coordination responsibilities primarily through Interagency Working Groups (IWGs) and Teams where agency representatives meet on a regular basis to exchange information and collaborate on R&D plans and activities related to their specific topic area. These activities include the facilitation of speaker series, workshops, and other inter-agency events, as well as the creation of strategic plans, frameworks, reports, presentations, and cross-agency project and testing-facility inventories. Such activities enable agencies to coordinate and focus their R&D resources on important, shared problems with the common goal of discovering, developing, and delivering new technological solutions for practical use. IWGs also help cultivate a vibrant scientific and intellectual community in which researchers across various agencies, disciplines, and sectors share the information and ideas that drive innovation.


Interagency Working Groups and Teams

  • AI R&D – Artificial Intelligence R&D IWG
    • VIA – Video and Image Analytics team
  • BD – Big Data IWG
  • CNPS – Computing-Enabled Networked Physical Systems IWG
  • CSIA – Cyber Security and Information Assurance IWG
  • Digital Assets R&D – Fast-Track Action Committee (FTAC)
  • Digital Health R&D – Digital Health Research and Development IWG
  • HEC – High End Computing IWG
  • IIRD – Information Integrity Research and Development IWG
  • IRAS – Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Systems IWG
  • LSN – Large Scale Networking IWG
    • JET – Joint Engineering Team
    • MAGIC – Middleware and Grid Interagency Coordination Team
  • Privacy R&D – Privacy Research & Development IWG
    • FTAC-APPDSA – Fast-Track Action Committee on Advancing Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing and Analytics
  • SPSQ – Software Productivity, Sustainability, and Quality IWG
  • WSRD – Wireless Spectrum Research and Development IWG

The JET and MAGIC Teams provide an opportunity for the public to engage and participate in information sharing with Federal agencies. For more information go to: