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ABOUT THIS RESOURCE: This portal provides information about opportunities to engage in U.S. Federal government high performance computing activities, including supercomputer use, software access, research opportunities, and related events. HEC IWG (Interagency Working Group on High End Computing) agencies provided the information contained in this portal. HEC IWG agencies are involved in various Federal activities in the HEC area including R&D and providing infrastructure and application. For more information about HEC IWG, go to Interagency Working Group on High End Computing (HEC IWG) page.

Disclaimer: The work of the HEC IWG is ongoing. While the content of this document is suitable for public dissemination, all material is preliminary in nature and subject to revision. Nothing in the text should be construed as a commitment by the Federal government or any specific Federal agency to participate in or fund any particular line of research or development

Please Note: The information on this inventory was gathered by HEC IWG member Agencies. For more information contact Ji Lee, Coordinator NCO/NITRD, nco@nitrd.gov

Page updated: September 29, 2020