Journal of Sensitive Cyber Research and Engineering (JSCoRE)

Current and previous issues of JSCoRE are available on NSANet and ODNI’s R-Space via JWICS.

The recurring annual submission deadline for JSCoRE is July 11th. Papers submitted after July 11th will be considered for publication in the year following their submission.

The latest version of the Journal Call for Papers, instructions for submission, and copies of certification templates can be obtained by requesting through email at jscore@nitrd.gov (unclassified) or jscore@nsa.ic.gov (JWICS). Those wishing to participate as reviewers or join our potential author mailing list are encouraged to submit their names and contact information to jscore@nitrd.gov and the Journal editorial staff will provide further information.

Science advances best when it includes peer review and dissemination of materials. Until now, potential authors conducting non-public cybersecurity research have had no widely-recognized, high-quality and secure venue to publish their results. The U.S. government sponsored Journal of Sensitive Cyber Research and Engineering (JSCoRE) will balance both the need to protect sensitive information, and the need to support scientific information exchange. JSCoRE is the first of its kind peer-reviewed journal for high quality, non-public cybersecurity research, advanced engineering results, and case studies.

We seek previously unpublished, high-quality papers describing non-public research in the field of cybersecurity that advances the state-of-the-art or provides significant insights for application of existing or new technical capabilities toward achieving effective cybersecurity operations.

The Journal of Sensitive Cyber Research and Engineering (JSCoRE) is an initiative of the Federal Special Cyber Operations Research and Engineering (SCORE) Interagency Working Group which coordinates research activities related to national security systems.

For more information: email to jscore@nitrd.gov