Government-sponsored internships and training programs are competitive, and oh so exciting! Where else can a student work as a scientist or engineer while also helping the nation, the planet, and the universe?! There are many Federal opportunities and the NITRD STEM Portal is here to help you: contribute to a real NASA mission! investigate the intelligence world! help build a more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future! and so many more! From postdocs to fellowships for independent research to high school internship programs, you will find them here!

This STEM Portal’s searchable database includes the description, link, and contact information for the program. The search filters provide flexibility to target the opportunities that fit your interest. For example, the pull-down menu for Education Level Eligibility has opportunities for community college students, undergraduates and graduates, postdoctoral fellows, early career researchers, K-12 Educators, and even K-12 students!

Increasing the availability of STEM opportunities is a priority in the Biden-Harris Administration. NITRD developed this portal to cultivate STEM engagement and training, and in particular computational thinking, in support of the Federal Government’s STEM efforts 1, 2 and to complement the Federal Coordination-STEM Committee activities. NITRD and our participating agencies are prioritizing STEM education at all levels, as we champion a diverse, inclusive, and well-trained workforce capable of future innovation. This portal provides the entry into an exciting and dynamic career–so take a leap of faith, search the portal, and find your future!

Learn more about what it is like being a virtual intern and see lessons learned by the Federal agencies here.

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