• Event: New Visions for Software Design and Productivity: Research and Applications
  • Location: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Date: December 13-14, 2001

The workshop on “New Visions for Software Design and Productivity” was a two-part event sponsored by the NITRD Software Design and Productivity (SDP) Coordinating Group, and funded by the National Science Foundation. These events provided a forum for scientists, engineers, and users to identify revolutionary thinking about software development techniques that could dramatically increase software productivity without compromising software quality. The first event, a planning workshop, was held in Arlington, VA on April 18-19, 2001. The second workshop, hosted by Vanderbilt University on December 13-14, 2001, built upon and expanded the results and insights gained at the planning workshop. Invitations to the meeting were issued based on evaluating White Papers that were received in response to a Call for Position Papers distributed to leading members of the research and development communities. Workshop participants included 64 invited researchers from industry and academia and 14 government researchers. “New Visions for Software Design & Productivity: Research & Applications” reports the outcomes of the workshop.