As part of our Women’s History Month series on celebrating the Women in NITRD, the National Coordinating Office for Networking and Information Research and Development (NITRD) would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the many women leaders and members of our Interagency Working Groups (IWG).

The IWG’s are the foundation of NITRD’s impact. They meet regularly to cultivate a vibrant scientific and intellectual environment in which researchers from various agencies, disciplines, and sectors share ideas, information, and results. This communication leads to economic and engineering benefits, enables collaborative research, and speeds the overall pace of innovation within the entire Federal R&D community.

Key to the success of this process is the significant commitment and leadership by those who are IWG co-chairs. This week, NITRD honors all the women who have served in this capacity, including the three women who currently serve: Susan Gregurick for Big Data, Naomi Lefkovitz for Privacy, and Wendy Nilsen for Health IT. Their work, along with the efforts of each IWG member, lead to activities and deliverables such as the recent workshop on the Convergence of High Performance Computing, Big Data, and Machine LearningThe National Privacy Research Strategy; and the Request for Information: Action on Interoperability of Medical Devices, Data, and Platforms To Enhance Patient Care.

The following are IWG R&D focus areas and the women who contribute to them. Please go to to better understand the amazing expertise they bring to the table.  Whether as co-chairs or participants, they generously lend their time, effort, and perspective to assure continued US R&D leadership.

  • AI– Artificial Intelligence: Charlotte Kirk Baer, USDA; Nina Bianchi, GSA; Roselie A. Bright, FDA; Kimberly Ferguson-Walter, NSA; Erin Kenneally, HSARPA; Arthi Murugesan Krishna, USPTO; Kimberly A. Sablon, Army; Riju Srimal, DOS; Elham Tabassi, NIST; Patricia Wolfhope, DHS
  • BD– Big Data: Laura Biven, DOE; Joanna Chan, HHS; Susan Gregurick, NIH (co-chair); Sylvia Spengler, NSF
  • CPS– Cyber-Physical Systems: Meghan Houghton, NSF; Ann Ngo, ITA; Jean Rice, NTIA; Merrill Smith, DOE; Michal Ziv-el, NSF
  • CSIA– Cyber Security and Information Assurance: Nina Amla, NSF; Shannon Beck, NSF
  • HCSS– High Confidence Software and Systems: Michal Ziv-el, NSF
  • HITRD– Health Information Technology: Roselie A. Bright, FDA; Cindy A. Crump, DHA; Wendy J. Nilsen, NSF (co-chair); Loretta Schlacchta-Fairchild, Army; Dana Wolff-Hughes, NIH
  • HEC– High End Computing: Almadena Chtchelkanova, NSF; Sandy Landsberg, DoD (former co-chair); Sonia Sachs, DOE
  • IRAS– Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Irina Dolinskaya, NSF; Elena Messina, NIST; Kimberly A. Sablon, Army
  • LSN– Large Scale Networking: Ashley Barker, ORNL; Padma Krishnaswamy, FCC; Aruna Muppalla, NASA; Lavanya Ramakrishnan, LBNL; Ann Keane, NOAA
  • BRD– Broadband: Rael Ammon, HRSA; Padma Krishnaswamy, FCC; Ann Ngo, ITA; Sara Trettin, ED
  • Privacy: Maya Bernstein, HHS; Erin Kenneally, HSARPA; Naomi Lefkovitz, NIST (co-chair); Heidi Sofia, NIH
  • WSRD– Wireless Spectrum: Monisha Ghosh, NSF; Nada Golmie, NIST; Kavita Goverdhanam, Army; Melissa Midzor, NIST; Ngwe Thawdar, Air Force