AWTP and FMG Joint 5G Workshop

April 27-28, 2021




Event Description

Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) Program’s Advanced Wireless Test Platform (AWTP) Team and the Federal Mobility Group (FMG) held a virtual 5G workshop focused on the framework to conduct 5G testing. The workshop consisted of two half-day sessions that begin with a focus on the FMG work product – Framework To Conduct 5G Testing. The workshop included moderated exercises where participants walked through the process identified in the framework document, with two selected federal 5G use-cases.
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  • Provide an overview of the process (“How to use the framework to build a test capability”) as well as the testing framework modules or elements in the 5G testing framework whitepaper, needed to conduct 5G testing for different use cases.
  • Learn about federal 5G use cases and requirements from key stakeholders.
  • Hear from the testbed vendor and research community about the requirements, resources, approaches of building or operating a 5G infrastructure testbed (with discussion of the capabilities and main modules in Radio Access Networks (RAN) and core), specifically for two innovative 5G use cases: Smart Warehouse and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)/Drone.
  • Learn more about the real-world methodologies of developing 5G testing cases with key performance indicators or testing metrics as well as of conducting 5G testing and experimentation with the 5G infrastructure testbed from the testbed vendors’ and researchers’ viewpoint. What are the challenges encountered?
  • Collaborate with 5G testbed vendor and researcher community to understand how the 5G testbed framework whitepaper would add value. What aspects of the whitepaper do the testbed vendors and researchers find most useful in helping to build a 5G testbed, develop 5G testing cases as well as conduct 5G testing? What are the lessons learned or gaps when applying the 5G testbed framework to real-world 5G testing and experimentation?

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Intended Outcome

The intended outcomes of this workshop are to build awareness of the critical need for evolving 5G best-in-class test practices, and to connect 5G labs or testbeds with Federal agencies and 5G component vendors.
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Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Sumit Roy (DoD R&E)
  • Dr. Melissa Midzor (NIST)
  • Vincent Sritapan (DHS CISA)
  • Suro Sen (DHS)
  • Mallory Hinks (NCO)

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