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Public Meetings

The NITRD Program holds meetings that are open for the public to attend. The FASTER CoP, JET, and MAGIC Team provide an opportunity for the public to engage and participate in information sharing among Federal agencies and non-Federal participants.

Joint Engineering Team (JET)

About: The JET was established in 1997 and provides for information sharing among Federal agencies and non-Federal participants with interests in high performance research networking and networking to support science applications.

Middleware And Grid Interagency Coordination (MAGIC)

About: The MAGIC Team was established in 2002 and provides for information sharing among Federal agencies and non-Federal participants with interests and responsibility for middleware, Grid, and cloud projects; individuals involved in middleware, Grid, and cloud research and infrastructure; individuals involved in implementing or operating Grids and clouds; and users of Grids, clouds and middleware.

Faster Administration of Science and Technology Education and Research (FASTER) Community of Practice (CoP)

About: FASTER’s goal is to enhance collaboration and accelerate agencies’ adoption of advanced IT capabilities developed by Government-sponsored IT research. FASTER hosts Expedition and Emerging Technology workshops as well as monthly meetings with invited guest speakers to achieve this goal. NITRD created FASTER for Federal agency CIOs and/or their advanced technology specialists. FASTER, seeks to accelerate deployment of promising research technologies; share protocol information, standards, and best practices; and coordinate and disseminate technology assessment and testbed results. The Federal CIO Council under the leadership of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) coordinates the use of IT systems. NITRD coordinates federally supported IT research under the leadership of OSTP (with OMB participation). FASTER, supported by the NITRD NCO, communicates with OMB and the Federal CIO Council concerning IT R&D matters that are of general interest to Federal agencies. FASTER is responding to the Open Government Directive by using the technologies of the Social Data Web (e.g., Linked Open Data and the Semantic Web).