Slides: Federalist-Slack-Burkholder.pdf
Video: https://youtu.be/f_khAqdZOTg

About the Speakers:

Will Slack – Federalist Product/Business Lead, Office of 18F, Technology Transformation Services, GSA. Will Slack runs the Federalist web publishing product for 18F, a GSA digital tech shop, which leverages cloud to compliantly hosts over 100 websites for eight agencies and counting. Before managing 18F products, Will managed the 18F business development process and represented 18F to agency program leaders and CIOs. Will was a healthcare IT implementation and product executive before joining government. He also runs workshops for DigitalGov University for beginners to learn about GitHub and Federalist and loves helping agencies unblock their barriers to efficient, agile, and compliant web publishing.

Peter Burkholder – Cloud.gov/Innovation Specialist, Office of 18F, Technology Transformation Services, GSA. Peter Burkholder is a geophysicist turned IT modernization specialist based in the DC area. He works at 18F helping agencies adopt DevOps practices and ship great technology with cloud.gov. Formerly, he worked for Chef Software, Rally Health, AARP, NIH and NCAR. Peter has given talks and trainings for DigitalGov, Usenix LISA, DevOpsDays DC/Baltimore, and has appeared on the Arrested DevOps podcast.

Abstract: Across the government, different groups are identifying technologies, policies and acquisition strategies that clear away barriers and help agencies begin to realize the full benefits of cloud. Too often, cloud adoption recreates physical datacenters, and doesn’t realize the cloud benefits of experimentation, iteration, rapid release and disposability, while increasing security and compliance through automation. Will and Peter discuss the range of cloud needs across agencies, successful agile cloud migration strategies we’ve applied, how 18F has helped another agency move to biweekly releases (while saving 1.5% of their total budget), how Federalist has saved over $10 million/year in compliance costs alone while helping agencies experiment with cloud hosting, and where they see these efforts moving over the next year.