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The December newsletter includes many interesting areas for you to explore:

  • SNIPPETS: These are short descriptions with corresponding links to what NITRD’s Federal agency members are doing in scientific computing technologies, including work to help fight COVID-19, which is causing the global pandemic;
  • TOPIC OF THE DAY: We examine supercomputers and how they are tackling unique problems. For example, supercomputers are a powerful new weapon against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease COVID-19;
  • AGENCY CORNER: The Department of Energy is often associated with supercomputers, our topic for this newsletter, so we highlight DOE’s work here;
  • STEM & WORKFORCE CORNER: We present the Administration’s efforts to build a quantum workforce and support STEM education to support this goal;
  • INNOVATION THROUGH NITRD: We introduce our readers to NITRD’s High End Computing Interagency Working Group, which coordinates Federal agency activities on computing technologies;
  • EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: We present a workshop NITRD held on strategic computing;
  • NITRD STAFF: We acquaint our readers with NITRD’s IT staff who have created new IT platforms and ensured NITRD’s virtual work is smooth sailing. We invite you to take a look at the transformative IT innovations that have found an important place in American life.