Workshop Description

The Wireless Spectrum R&D Senior Steering Group (WSRD SSG) was formed in 2010 in response to the Presidential Memorandum, “Unleashing the Wireless Broadband Revolution”. The group was called upon to assist the Secretary of Commerce in the creation and implementation of a plan to facilitate research, development, experimentation, and testing …to explore innovative spectrum‐sharing technologies…”   Since that time, the WSRD SSG has conducted a series of workshops to explore what research is currently underway, what type of testing environments need to be made available, and to gather input from the larger research community on establishing  research priorities. Earlier workshops focused on the technical research agenda. This fourth workshop will focus on the complementary multidisciplinary economic and policy research necessary to effect improvements in the management and use of spectrum resources.

The goal of this workshop is to identify economic and policy research that will facilitate the commercialization of wireless system technologies, business models, and institutional/policy frameworks that will align incentives and ease roadblocks to promoting progress toward maximizing the economic benefit from our collective use of wireless systems and the radio frequency spectrum on which such systems depend.



Day 1: Tuesday, April 23

Panel 1.1 Recent Experiences with Spectrum Sharing

Moderator: Byron Barker (NTIA)

Panel 1.2 Public Safety and New Spectrum Use Models

Moderator: Fred Frantz (Engility)

Panel 1.3 Impediments to Commercialization of Sharing

Moderator: John Chapin (DARPA)

Panel 1.4 Jumpstarting investment – Investor and Legal Perspectives

Moderator: Peter Tenhula (NTIA)

Day 2: Wednesday, April 24

John Leibovitz (FCC) Research a policymaker would like to see

Panel 2.1 Lightning Talks I

Moderator: Andrew Clegg (Moderator)

5-7 minute talks “here’s valuable research that needs to be done ”

Panel 2.2 Economics Research Challenges & Opportunities

Moderator: Tom Hazlett (George Mason)

Panel 2.3 Spectrum Management Reform

Moderator: Yochai Benkler (Harvard)

Panel 2.4 Lightning Talks II

Moderator: Andrew Clegg (Moderator)

Guest speakers