• Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2018
  • Time: 12:15 – 1:15 pm (Central Time)
  • Location: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (D168), Dallas, Texas


Federal High-End Computing (HEC) is evolving in response to the needs of the HEC community and advancing technological landscape, including rapidly changing architecture, anticipated end to Moore’s Law, facing the challenges associated with the data tsunami, and scaling software to newer and more complex platforms. Consequently, the HEC environment is more complex than ever and these factors stress the HEC community in every way. This BoF will provide an overview of the current and emerging federal HEC efforts and seeks to have a candid discussion with the HEC community on how it can be collaboratively cultivated to serve tomorrow’s challenges.


The U.S. government recognizes that HEC serves a significant and vital role for the federal government, academia, and industry. For the federal government, HEC involves providing and operating the HEC systems and associated infrastructure and applications 1 and research and development (R&D) efforts 2 to advance high-capability computing and to develop fundamentally new approaches in high-capability computing. These federal HEC efforts aim not only to advance the technology but to meet the needs of the scientific, academic, and federal communities in supporting and stimulating scientific discovery and innovation for national security, economic competitiveness, and scientific and technology leadership. Hence, it is essential to cultivate the relationships that will foster a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of how mission needs and emerging technologies can work synergistically to make progress. This BoF will bring together the HEC community to understand and explore what HEC means to the Federal Government and how collectively we can advance HEC to meet tomorrow’s critical challenges.


  • Sandy Landsberg, DoD HPCMP


  • Andy Baxevanis, NIH
  • Bill Harrod, IARPA
  • Christopher Krieger, DOD
  • Robinson Pino, DOE/SC
  • Barry Schneider, NIST
  • Jacob Taylor, OSTP
  • Ed Walker, NSF
Moderator and Panelist Biographies


  • Supercomputing, Intramural Research Program, NIH.
  • Rethinking NSF’s Computational Ecosystem for 21st Century Science and Engineering, The University of Iowa.


1. [https://www.nitrd.gov/subcommittee/NITRD-PCAs-2019.aspx#HCIA]
2. [https://www.nitrd.gov/program-component-areas/nitrd-pcas-2019/#EHCS]