To increase the online visibility of important COVID-19 information, Federal Chief Information Officers have been directed to incorporate the new vocabulary for tagging websites that contain information about COVID-19 prevention measures, disease spread statistics, etc. These new tags are available in Version 7.0, released March 17, 2020 (

In addition to the direction to Federal Chief Information Officers, state and local government agencies as well as non-profit and private sector organization are encouraged to utilize these tags for publishing and disseminating information related to COVID-19.

Follow this link for instructions to add structured data to COVID-19 announcements, with examples.

Also, the National Science Foundation-funded projects seeking to establish an Open Knowledge Network are actively working on creating enhanced knowledge graphs to handle additional critical information that is being published on a variety of sites, including local, county, and state governments; hospitals; and other organizations. This includes information on local incidence rates, hospital admission rates, and more. Tagging these data appropriately will enable effective use by downstream analytics and visualization applications that would benefit the public. Those interested in contributing to this effort should contact

There is also an effort underway to develop tags for the scientific information related to the coronavirus, to enable faster discovery and use/re-use of that information. That work is being pursued by the Open Knowledge Network along with Department of Energy and National Institutes of Health, and others. Those interested in contributing to that effort should contact