“Artificial intelligence holds tremendous potential as a tool to empower the American worker, drive growth in American industry, and improve the lives of the American people. Our free market approach to scientific discovery harnesses the combined strengths of government, industry, and academia, and uniquely positions us to leverage this technology for the betterment of our great nation.” – Michael Kratsios, Deputy Assistant to the President for Technology Policy

Artificial intelligence (AI) has tremendous potential to benefit the American people. On June 27, 2018, OSTP and the newly formed Select Committee on AI approved the formation of a new NITRD AI R&D IWG. This decision implements a recommendation of the National Artificial Intelligence Research And Development Strategic Plan, published in October 2016.

Approval of the NITRD AI R&D IWG is one of the first actions of the recently formed NSTC Select Committee on AI. This IWG will serve as the coordinating body for Federal AI R&D investments and will report to both the NITRD Subcommittee and the recently reconstituted Machine Learning and AI (MLAI) Subcommittee. In turn, the MLAI Subcommittee will serve as the implementation arm of the AI Select Committee.

OSTP and the NITRD Subcommittee Co-chairs have engaged Henry Kautz (Division Director, NSF/CISE Division of Information and Intelligent Systems) and Jeff Alstott (Program Manager, IARPA) as the Co-chairs of the NITRD AI R&D IWG.